Managing your days

Your conference or festival can be a single or multiple day event. The dates can be found at the top of your schedule.

Adding days

Adding extra days to your event is simple. Just hit the + Add day button. Blokks will automatically pick the date that follows the last one.

Note: your current stages will also be copied to your newly added day.

Changing and removing days

Right-clicking any date shows you the datepicker, allowing you to change the selected date. Click the Remove button right below the datepicker to delete that specific day. Removing days will also delete the acts (speakers, talks or artists) added to that day.

Pro-tip: You can always undo any action by clicking the Undo button in the top right or by using the shortcut CTRL + Z or CMD + Z.

Adjusting your start and end time

If you want your days to start earlier or end later, you can do so by clicking the ••• button.

Changing the the start or end time of the day may remove acts from your schedule. Make sure that you don’t have any active acts during the hours you’re about to remove.

You can always take a step back by clicking the Undo button in the top right or by hitting CTRL + Z or CMD + Z.