Choose your layout


On desktop, the embed has two layouts: the first direction being the column layout where stages are arranged horizontally. This is the default direction of the embed. The second is the row layout where stages are stacked vertically.

You can change the layout direction at any time by switching the layout in the embed tab of our backend or by setting it manually with the data-layout option:

<script defer src='[path-to-embed]'

A good example of the column layout is the schedule that The Next Web built. An example of the row layout was implemented by De Correspondent.


On mobile devices your schedule is automatically shown in a list view. However, users can switch back to the full schedule by rotating their device to landscape mode. The default breakpoint for switching between mobile and desktop view is 30em or 480px. This works best on all devices. If needed, you can change this value.

For events with a lot of stages and acts the list view can become quite long. Therefore, during the day or days of your event the mobile version of the embed will show the Dashboard. The Dashboard is a summary of acts that are playing now and coming up next. More info on the dashboard can be found here.

Image: Mobile dashboard

Note: If you are creating your own theme and don’t want to use the column or row layout, set the data-layout property to custom.