Managing your acts

Adding acts (speakers, talks or artists) to your event is probably the most important part of building your schedule.

Adding acts

To add an act, simply click on an empty slot in your timetable. This will bring up a screen where you can add and edit all your info in one place.

Moving and resizing acts

You can change the start time of an act by moving it to a different slot. Pick it up by clicking the top area of the act and drag it anywhere you want. It will snap into place when you drop it.

Updating the end time of an act is done in a similar fashion. Just click the bottom area and start resizing the act. This will change the end time by increments of 15 minutes. If you need to be more specific, you can do so by selecting the act and change the times there.

You should note that by dragging and resizing you may change other acts and possibly remove them. Don’t worry though, you can always undo a previous action by hitting CTRL + Z or CMD + Z

Deleting acts

You can delete an act by pressing the Delete button shown at the bottom while editing an act. Alternatively, you can right-click on any act in your schedule to find another Delete button.