Creating your first event

Follow the link in your email to start working on your first event. To set everything up, we need to know some basic info. We’ll take you through a series of pages and ask things like your event name, what kind of event you’re organising, dates, times etc.

Dates & times

Choose the date of your event by selecting it in the calendar. You can select multiple dates if necessary. You can also set a start and end time for your event. If you’re not yet sure about the date or time for your event, no worries, you can easily change those later.

Adding stages

The next step is adding stages or areas for your event. If you need more stages simply click the Add another stage button. Don’t worry if you’re not sure about which stages your event will have. You can always add new ones at later time.

Your team

In many cases, more than one person will be responsible for updating your event timetable, or more than one developer might want to work on your timetable. To do this, you can invite multiple people to your team. They will receive an email with their own login information and gain full access to your schedule.

You can also add and remove team members at a later time. If you’re on a free plan, only your team members will see your embedded schedule. Read more about our plans here.

All done!

After adding this information, your schedule has been set up and you’re ready to dive in!